17 thoughts on “PupCam

  1. mobrien says:

    Very sad day here in Clontarf – all our wonderful Y babies have gone to Cork – Bonne chance to every one of you – may the love and care that has surrounded you this year carry you far

  2. Deirdre says:

    Happy New Year from York! He is home for Christmas from early training in Guide dogs. He met his brother Yabba yesterday who starts training on Jan 12th with another sibling Yoshi!. All the best for 2015.

    • mobrien says:

      Yoda and Yohan will be starting on the 12th as well. We will miss them around our neighbourhood but pleased la famille will all be hanging out together whilst in Cork. Well done Deirdre on raising York – fingers crossed for all their training

      • The Davis crew says:

        Marguerite Mr T just gets more lovely by the day☺️well done to u all for the beautiful photos and updates, brilliant job!

    • mobrien says:

      Hi Aimee & Scampie, Mr T is doing very well as you can see – he is now well over the kilogram. Naturally with only one pup this is the most relaxed litter we have ever had to look after and so is just pure pleasure He will be open for visitors in a few weeks time and you’ll be able to give him lots and lots and lots of cuddles then!! In the meantime hugs from Chenna and us all

  3. m o brien says:

    Well done Deirdre – we’re all just cogs in a very large wheel. Stephen is your man for your next pup. Best wishes M

  4. Deirdre says:

    They are stunning – congrats. I am a puppywalker and would adore to have one of these cuties in my home for a year! Fingers crossed! My first puppy just started her training last week!

  5. David says:

    Who needs YouTube when you can just check in on the latest antics. Congrats to the Cronins: 20 pups a great reward for your time to date with Chenna.

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